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Brazilian Sugar Waxing

Bikini Tidy $33
A bikini tidy removes any hair that appears outside the underwear line.

Bikini Extended $43
An extended bikini removes any hair that appears outside the underwear line and about 2cm further in,
the top triangle is also made smaller and much more defined. This treatment does not include the back done.

Brazilian Repeat $65
Book & return to Massage Me & Beautify You within 6 weeks of your last brazilian.
This treat
ment removes all the hair front to back.
You may choose to leave a “landing strip or triangle” on the front if you wish.

Brazilian New Client/Longer than 6 weeks $79
This treatment removes all the hair front to back & will include trimming of the hairs prior to sugaring if required.
You may choose to leave a “landing strip or triangle” on the front if you wish.
Please ensure your hair is at least 0.5cm long (grain of rice).

We know that getting your first wax can be a little scary,
so we've put together our top tips, do's & don't so that your
experience can be as comfortable as possible

- Ensure hair is atleast half a cm (0.5cm) long - length of a grain of rice approximately
- Gently exfoliate the day prior to remove dead skin cells
- Please don't wear any deodorant, moisturizers /lotions or oils - as this stops our sugar adhering to your hair 
- Do let us know of any medications/allergies 

It’s normal immediately after your sugaring for a little bit of redness and a heat type rash to appear,  this should disappear after a few hours and is normally due to a histamine reaction, because sugaring removes the hair from the root it’s important that you keep the area clean and free from bacteria. 

– Keeping the treated area cool - avoid tight fitting clothing

– Do not sunbathe, or use a sunbed, sauna, steam room for 24 hours

– Do not have a hot bath, spa or swim in chlorinated pool for 24 hours 

– Avoid applying any topical lotions for at least 12 hours
(fragrances and other lubricants can cause a burning sensation)

– Avoid sexual intercourse/touching the sugared area for 24 hours to ensure it remains bacteria free

Sugaring can help reduce hair growth over time—and can eventually lead to fewer treatments & less discomfort in hair removal! With proper care, it can eliminate ingrown hair problems—and can brighten the overall look of your skin!


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