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Microneedling with Dermapen 4

Experience one of the most popular anti-aging treatments in the world and rejuvenate your skin with Dermapen Microneedling.
The treatment works by stimulating new collagen and skin tissue, resulting in stronger, smoother and younger-looking skin, and improving the look of wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, alopecia, stretch marks and more.

Microneedling uses the skin’s natural healing response to light trauma to create new cell growth and total skin rejuvenation, with minimal downtime required. Dermapen is the original and most trusted automated skin-needling device, and the Dermapen4 uses the most advanced technology in microneedling, with less pain and more precision and safety than similar devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of skin needling?
The dermapen treats a broad range of treatment and greatly improves the skins appearance in a relatively non-invasive way. 

How does skin needling work?
Your skin therapist uses the dermapen needling device to create tiny little micro channels in the skin, this stimulates the skin's natural inflammatory and healing response which promotes collagen and elastin which ultimately results in renewal, repair & rejuvenation. Your skin therapist will also recommend home care products to further enhance & optimize your results.

What does the dermapen treat?
The dermapen treats a broad range of skin conditions and concerns from anti-aging, fine lines & wrinkles, acne, enlarged pores, pigmentation, sun damage, skin texture, scarring to redness & rosacea. 

What age should I start microneedling treatment?
We always say prevention is the key! So with that in mind we recommend starting in your 20's-30's to boost that collagen and elastin whilst your skin is still working significantly faster. It is most effective thus your skin looking younger for much longer!

How soon will I see results?
Once the initial redness has subsided within 24-48 hours post treatment you will likely be able to notice firmer, brighter and more radiant skin, however the best results are usually not seen for at least 4 weeks post treatment as the skin continues to go through it's natural healing process well after treatment. 

How many treatments will I need?
This largely varies on the concerns or conditions we are treating, however we typically recommend 3-6 treatments spaced out 2-8 weeks for the best results. Your skin therapist will write up a specific skin plan for you skin upon consultation.

Does skin needling hurt?
Some people may find the treatment a little uncomfortable but the needling itself only takes around 5-10 min or so. Your skin may experience some warmth, much like a wind or sunburn after treatment which will quickly subside in the 24-48 hours following. Your skin therapist will make sure to recommend after and home care products for maximum comfort and the best results.  

What is a Dermapen Gold ATP Clinic?
Dermapen Gold ATP clinics have been recognised by Dermapen as following all up to date treatment protocols, including skilled and trained practitioners, high safety standards and use of the latest model device available. Dermapen ensures all safety requirements are met for both the process of preparing the skin and carrying out treatment. Skin products used are only those recommended by Dermapen, for efficacious outcomes, reliable results, and safety

Why should I visit a Gold Authorised Treatment Provider for Dermapen treatments?
By choosing one of these clinics you’ll be ensuring superior microneedling results and only the most exceptional safety standards. As these clinics are using the latest Dermapen4 device with the recommended DP Dermaceuticals products and highly trained practitioners, you’ll can be sure you’re achieving the best possible outcomes for treating your skin concerns.

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