Looking for a natural glow? Then this non-invasive exfoliation treatment is for you!
Using a dermaplaning blade also known as a stainless steel scalpel your therapist will gently remove the dead skin cells on your face, as an added BONUS it also removes the
vellus hair also known as peach fuzz. 

This treatment is safe is suitable for almost all skin types, is non-invasive and pain-free.
There's no downtime, and your results will be instant! 

Dermaplane Pro Express Facial 30min $79

Dermaplane Pro Facial 60min $119



What are the benefits of dermaplaning?
Your skin will instantly appear smoother, brighter and more youthful, active ingredients from your skin care products will be absorbed even better and your make up will apply flawlessly. 

Is dermaplaning a safe procedure?
Dermaplaning is an extremely safe treatment when carried out by certified therapist, adhering to treatment protocols. 

How soon can I see results?
You'll be able to enjoy your results instantly, there is no down time for a dermaplaning treatment. 

Will my hair grow back thicker?

No, dermaplaning will not cause the vellus hair on your face to grow back any darker, thicker or faster because the treatment does not change your hair structure. Your hair will slowly return just as it was, usually in about four weeks.

How often can I get dermaplaning done?
We recommend having a dermaplaning treatment done every 3 or 4 weeks, this allows enough time for your skin to go through it's normal skin cycle of approximately 28 days. 

Who can have dermaplaning done?
Just about anyone except for clients with active acne. 

Can I wax/sugar and dermaplane in the same appointment?
Yes, we recommend sugaring/waxing first and then dermaplaning where you left off waxing/sugaring. 

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