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Beauty Flash Treatment 30min $79

The Beauty Flash Treatment is the ideal skin booster for all skin types and is tailored to different skin problems through the use of highly effective ampoules and serums enriched with active ingredients. Whether normal, impure or mature skin – the short duration and a great result makes the Beauty Flash treatment particularly attractive and is suitable as a relaxing pampering ritual during lunch break, in the evening or on special occasions. As a result, your skin is smooth, vital and refreshed in no time.

Calm Down Treatment 60min $129
Calming treatment for sensitive skin - The Calm Down Treatment is ideal for sensitive skin suffering from irritations, redness and dryness. Active ingredients with anti-inflammatory and intensive soothing properties reduce redness and irritations, and strengthens the skin against external influences. Furthermore the alo-calm mask provides the skin with long-lasting moisture which has an incredibly calming and soothing effect on the skin. 
The treatment ensures visibly fresh and relaxed skin.


Sensiderm Treatment 60min $129
Intensively calm reddened and stressed skin - The Sensiderm Treatment is also ideal for sensitive skin suffering from irritations, redness and dryness and differs slightly from the Calm Down Treatment. In this treatment we use a gentle fan brush massage which stimulates lymph flow and relieves the lymphatic congestion. Active ingredients with anti-inflammatory and intensive soothing properties are also used to reduce redness and irritations and helps strengthen the skin against external influences. This treatment ensures visibly calmed skin.

Ageless Future Treatment 60min $129

Combat the signs of aging - The Ageless Future Treatment is perfectly suited for skin with fine lines & wrinkles and in need of regeneration. The use of vitalizing oil concentrate for the massage supplies the skin with different valuable beauty oils. These have a smoothing, regenerating effect and provide a smoother and noticeably softer skin. The highly dosed ingredient power of revitalan mask has an additional vitalizing effect and provides the skin with new elasticity, for firmer facial contours. The result is a firmer and more youthful appearance.

Black Clearing Treatment 60min $129

Problem solver for impure skin - The Black Clearing treatment is ideal for anyone who is suffering from acne, oily, shiny, congested or large pored skin. This skin condition is often influenced by various causes, such as heredity, hormones, bacteria, stress, diet or even environmental influences and can be challenging to live with. This facial treatment will help reduce the sebum on the skin, remove the keratinization (dead skin), clear impurities & normalize the skins natural barrier function resulting in a clear and fine skin appearance.

Hydra Maximum Treatment 60min $129

Intensive moisture for dry skin - The Hydra Maximum treatment is a real thirst quencher for skin lacking moisture.
Dry and taut skin is a common problem and often caused by the lack of moisture or what we would call trans-epidermal water loss, which brings the skins natural barrier out of balance. This skin condition is caused by various influences, such as UV exposure, heating air or the aging process. With the Hydra Maximum treatment, we will provide your skin with lasting intensive moisture, which reduces dryness, wrinkles and feelings of tension. The skin becomes wonderfully supple and radiates again.


Mela Wave Treatment 60min $129

Combating hyperpigmentation - The Mela Wave treatment is perfectly suited for people with an uneven skin tone and works to gently reduce hyper-pigmentation whilst stimulating cell regeneration. The vitamin C contained in all the products of the Mela White range not only significantly influences skin lightening, but also promotes collagen synthesis through its power and has an antioxidant effect. This treatment results in a more radiant and even skin tone.

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Derma Cosmetics Mela White

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